Since I’m working as a Data Analyst, I am trying to optimize my daily routine workflow and always search for new tools. Some time ago I started using Redash as the main dashboard tool. It’s a simple tool, that allows me to compose dashboards and visualizations and do user management.

The only issue I had is related to the amount of data, I work with. Sometimes it’s very hard to optimize enough queries and maintain usability and all the required filters.

There are two main options, how can you dynamically filter data in Redash:

The difference between…

Trading became mainstream nowadays and entering this market for newbies might be very difficult. I bought my first Bitcoin (actually 0.001 Bitcoin) in 2020 and never paid much attention to that.
But recently I read quite a lot of interesting articles about trading automatization tools and in this story, I will provide step by step explanation of how to enter automated crypto trading being a beginner.

There is a lot of info on how to start trading, but who likes to spend weeks reading boring pure theory while others making money. On the other hand, spending money without understanding might…

Data Analysis on a remote basis has its own restrictions in terms of picking the right device for work. I usually use Windows but recently I had to switch to macOS M1-based laptop and here’s my story…

In this story, I’ll try to provide the most comprehensive guide about how to set up a new M1 mac for using main data-related libraries. I tried multiple methods and found that using Conda-miniforge is the optimal way.

Tools, that will be used

Solution 1. Conda-based installation

So, Todoist is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your task and I’ve been using it for a while. Some time ago they have released the feature of adding a new task using Siri and I fell in love with it. All you need to do is to ask your voice assistant to “Create new task” and it will ask you which project should be used and what is the due date.

But what if I want to listen to my today’s task during my morning routine? …

Alexey Shulzhenko

Data Analyst, Geek, and runner. What will do next?

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