A quick way to teach Siri to read your upcoming Todoist task

So, Todoist is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your task and I’ve been using it for a while. Some time ago they have released the feature of adding a new task using Siri and I fell in love with it. All you need to do is to ask your voice assistant to “Create new task” and it will ask you which project should be used and what is the due date.

But what if I want to listen to my today’s task during my morning routine? It’s not supported natively by Todoist but I have an easy solution.

All we need is:

  1. Todoist Account

First, you need to open todoist.com and login into your account. Click on your profile picture circle (top right corner) and click on Settings.

Then open “Integrations tab”, scroll down to see API token. You need to copy this string on your IOS device with Shortcuts app

The second part starts with opening Shortcuts app and creating New Shortcut by tapping on “+” on the top right corner.

In the opened screen tap on “Add Action” and choose URL (feel free to use search) And paste to the URL block following link:

https://api.todoist.com/rest/v1/tasks?filter=(today | overdue)

Then you click “+ under URL block and add a block called “Get content of URL”. In the “Get content of URL” tap on “Show more” and in the “Headers” section add a new header and name it “Authorisation

It is the moment, when you have to get your API key, that you copied from the web version of Todoist on a previous step.

Now we got a list of tasks but it’s not ready for reading yet. We gonna need several more blocks. Those are: “Repeat with each” and “Get Dictionary Value”.
The needed Key value for the second block is “content”.
Note! “Get Dictionary Value” should be moved INSIDE “Repeat with each” and the result for this step should look like the one on the screenshot:

The last step is to teach Siri how to read this data. For that, we need “Text” and “Speak” blocks. In “Text” we specify what Siri will say and “Speak” will voice it. Check the following screenshot:

In my example, I also added “Count” block so I also know how many tasks I have in total for today.


This short guide explains how in 10 minutes we can get the ability to listen to the summary for the day using basic IOS tools instead of checking those tasks manually.
Todoist API also allows to get tasks for the next day/week/month, so feel free to edit it in a way you need.



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